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Speech-Language Therapy Services in WNY

How We Help

First, we begin with a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. This allows us to assess speech sound production as well as receptive and expressive communication abilities. Following the assessment, your speech-language pathologist will create an individualized plan to address your specific needs.


Individualized Plans


Your individualized plan targets specific impaired areas and may implement a number of exercises that can improve speech sound production, word-finding skills, language comprehension, written language skills and more. Your plan will also give you a better idea of the structure of your exercises, including the number of visits and the duration of speech/language therapy required. 

​Who We Help

SPS of WNY treats adults and adolescent/school-aged patients with a number of communication deficits. This may include individuals recovering from injuries or medical conditions such as student-athletes who have suffered a concussion or those diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction and vocal cord nodules.

Schedule Speech-Language Therapy Today

If you are interested in scheduling speech-language therapy, please contact SPS of WNY today to schedule an assessment. We offer telepractice services for those around Buffalo and Western New York so your free consultation can occur remotely. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.











Common causes of speech/language deficits include:

  • acquired aphasia or apraxia resulting from a stroke,

  • language deficits following a brain injury or brain tumor

  • communication impairments related to other syndromes or medical conditions.

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