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Cognitive-Linguistic Treatment in Buffalo, NY

AT SPS of WNY, we offer cognitive-linguistic treatment that retrains patients to regain independence following recovery from injury. Additionally, our treatments can help those with deteriorating cognition to adapt to the progression of their condition while providing support to caregivers as well. 

Cognitive Linguistic Evaluations

A cognitive-linguistic evaluation at SPS of WNY includes a full standardized assessment of all functional cognitive domains affected, including:

  • short and long-term memory,

  • orientation,

  • problem-solving/safety awareness,

  • executive function skills (such as planning and thought organization),

  • and other functional cognitive skills.


Cognitive Retraining Through Individualized Plans

Following our evaluation, your speech-language pathologist will develop an individualized treatment plan for cognitive retraining. This will target specific areas affected from traumatic brain juries including stroke, post-concussion syndrome, and more. 

The SLP offers cognitive treatment for all levels and areas. This can include improving attention span and short-term memory to higher-level functional cognitive skills such as medication and money management skills. Our treatment can help individuals regain the level of cognitive functioning necessary to live independently again.

Treatment For Deteriorating Cognition Conditions

In cases where cognition is deteriorating and actual improvements cannot be made (such as in dementia), the SLP provides education on compensatory strategies to help patients adapt to their environment as they progress through the stages of cognitive decline. 

Caregiver Plans and Support

Additionally, the SLP may develop a caregiver plan for improving functional skills at home that can help establish home routines that reduce problematic or unsafe behaviors in individuals under their care. This can continue to be assessed and developed following the patient’s condition.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Our clinic is open for anyone in Buffalo and Western New York that needs cognitive-linguistic treatment. We currently offer telepractice services at this time so that appointments can be conducted remotely. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact SPS of WNY today!










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